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Get To Know Your Guitar Or Bass ''DNA'' And Use Our Unique Method To Maximize The TONE And PLAYABILITY Of Your Instrument!

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  • Setup you guitar or bass according to their DNA

  • ​Get rid of fret buzz

  • ​Saves numerous and costly visits to the luthier

  • ​Learn how to adjust a Truss Rod without damaging the neck

  • Setup you guitar or bass according to their DNA

  • ​Get rid of fret buzz

  • ​Saves numerous and costly visits to the luthier

  • ​Learn how to adjust a Truss Rod without damaging the neck


WARNING! This book is not a traditional book. It was written with the goal of teaching anyone, how to get the same, if not, better results than a luthier would. This book contains a few theoretical modules but above all a step-by-step formula to guide you easily from point A to point B.

Meet your teacher

First of all, I would like to make the introductions. My name is Pascal Scott and I am the proud owner of Scott Lutherie Guitare. Over the past 12 years, I have had the good fortune to help hundreds of professional and amateur musicians repair and setup their precious instruments. From the simple Setup to the more complex neck reset, there is not a lot that I haven't experienced in this exciting profession!

Our Discovery

When I started my career as a luthier, I noticed a fundamental problem! Many of my clients loved the setup I made to their instruments, but there was always a small minority who weren't satisfied the first time around. I felt that the techniques and measures that I applied were not for everyone. I felt like an impostor, even after building several instruments and repairing hundreds of guitars!​


Every guitar & bass has a unique DNA

It took me several weeks to realize that what I had learned was not suited to their particular guitars and playing styles.

''From that moment I became fascinated with the idea of developing a method that could make ultra personalized adjustments possible!''

The End of Random Setups

Now 12 years later, we've collected several hundred survey sheets about our customers
and the measurements they prefer in relation to their playing style and instruments!

Our unique Method result directly from this long process that I have built over the years!

Before even knowing if I was going to share my method with the rest of the world I had to put it to the test. After all, I was beginning to gain experience in the field. So I started training a small group of 5 people and the results were remarkable!

​As of today, more than 350 people have participated in our ''Luthier d'un jour'' training
to learn our unique techniques and measurements!


This is your chance to take advantage of our comprehensive guide at a discount!

How to adjust a guitar in less than 30 minutes without being afraid of breaking your guitar's neck or spend a fortune at the luthier?

Secret #1

​The reason why a standard guitar setup isn't adapted for you

  • Scale Length: Each instrument has a different string length and requires a suitable choice of string

  • ​String Height: There are as many musicians as there are playing styles, knowing the measurements you prefer is the first step to a perfect setup.

  • Neck Relief: The choice of strings and playing style greatly influence the way the truss rod will be adjusted.

Secret #2

How to adjust a guitar in less than 30 minutes?

Many students who took the in person luthier training feared that the setup process was complicated and laborious but the secret is simply to be organize and having the right tools and techniques

  • Working matt & Neck Holder : Having a dedicated space for adjusting your guitar or bass greatly reduces the time for an adjustment.

  • The tools: Making a guitar setup is quick and easy, it's the installation and finding the tools that complicates the process! Keep your tools organized and in sight.

  • Repetition, Repetition: You don't have to be great to start, but you do have to start to be great!

Secret # 3

How to adjust a ''truss rod'' without being afraid of breaking the neck?

During the Luthier for a day training I teach participants not to be afraid to adjust the truss rod.

Some luthiers may use this fear of breaking your neck in order to keep you as a customer!

To demonstrate my point, I take a guitar from a participant and twist the truss rod 3 times on itself or until the neck curve is exaggerated.

Subsequently, I readjust it to its starting point. The neck is not deformed or damaged by any measure!

During an adjustment it is very rare that we have to turn the truss rod more than half a turn!

It is therefore safe to make the adjustment yourself!

You will be able to:

  • Adjust your guitar or bass according to its DNA

  • ​Eliminate Fret Buzz

  • ​Quickly diagnose the most widespread problems

  • ​Adjust the pickups depending on the type (Humbucker, single coil, P-90, Etc..)

  • ​Keep your measurements up to date with our worksheet

  • ​​Learn about instrument finishes and how to maintain them

  • ​Assess the market value when buying or selling

  • ​Share your results with our exclusive online community

  • ​​Save on expensive luthier visit

  • ​​Become an expert and help your pairs with their instruments

A Step by Step | Easy to follow 90 page Guide

  • Module 1 - ​The finishes

  • ​ Module 2 - Fretboard Evaluation 101

  • ​ Module 3 - String Removal and Cleaning

  • ​ Module 4 - How to fix a ungled nut?

  • Module 5 - Fingerboard Cleaning & Maintenance

  • ​ Module 6 - Electronic Cleaning

  • ​ Module 7 - Top nut and Saddle Lubrification

  • ​ Module 8 - Hardware & Stability

  • Module 9 - Tension, Strings & Scale Explained

  • Module 10 - Strings Installation techniques

  • Module 11 - Balancing a tremolo bridge

  • Module 12 - Neck Relief

  • Module 13 - Truss Rod & Adjustment

  • Module 14 - Understanding Fretboard Radius

  • Module 15 - Action & Adjustment

  • Module 16 - Test and Micro-Adjustment

  • Module 17 - Intonation & Compensation

  • BONUS 1 - Neck Angle

  • BONUS 2 - Pickup Adjustment

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Instruments Covered by our Guide

  • Fender Style Guitars

  • ​Gibson Style Guitars

  • ​Floyd Rose

  • Jazz Guitars

  • ​​Bass Guitars

  • ​8-Strings and Baritone

  • ​Alternate Tunings

  • Acoustic Guitars​

  • ​Classical Guitars

  • ​Jazz Nylons Guitars

  • ​​​Traveler Guitars

  • ​​​Ukuleles

  • ​Mandolins


"...making complex adjustments simple and understandable"

"The Complete Guitar Setup Guide is not just a book, it's a game-changer for musicians! Its step-by-step instructions and insights have significantly improved the playability and tone of my guitar, making complex adjustments simple and understandable.

This guide has been an invaluable tool in enhancing my instrument's performance, proving itself as a must-have resource for any musician looking to elevate their setup game.

A solid 10 out of 10!"

- Ray Wynne

"This book by @scottlutherie has allowed me to take care of my many guitars without depending on anyone. Highly recommend!”

- Fanilo Andrianjafy

“I have always worked on my own instruments, adjusting the neck, the height of the strings etc... This book gave me a new way of doing things and especially the right measurements. No more random adjustments. ”

- Patrick LeBoutillier

“ Excellent practical guide that gives you all the knowledge necessary to do the maintenance and adjustment of your bass by yourself. A complete, well-illustrated and easy-to-use manual ”

- Philippe Antoniotti

Here's What You Will Get:

What's included in this limited time offer...

The Complete Guitar Setup Guide (€99 Value)

Get to know the DNA of your guitar or bass and use our unique method to maximize the tone and playability of your instrument!

The Official Measurement Grid (€39 Value)

The Official Measurement Grid

(€39 Value)

This grid, crafted from the analysis of thousands of guitars across 12 years, provides the measurements necessary for achieving what is recognized as a...

The official Tools List (€29 Value)

The official Tools List

(€29 Value)

Don't buy tools that will gather dust! With our official list, know which tools are essential and where to get them!

The Setup Planner (€19 Value)

The Setup Planner

(€19 Value)

Achieve and maintain the perfect setup by diligently recording each adjustment you make to your guitar or bass, ensuring consistency throughout the process.

Total value: €186

What if you only manage to:

Finally learn how to make your guitar setups by yourself:

Would the investment be worth it?

Evaluate the neck of a used guitar before buying it:

Would the investment be worth it?

Learn a reliable method that gives you amazing results every time:

Would the investment be worth it?

Our Unique Offer!

The Complete Guitar Setup Guide (€99 Value)

The Complete Guitar Setup Guide

(€99 Value)

The Official Measurement Grid (€39 Value)

The Official Measurement Grid

(€39 Value)

The official Tools List (€29 Value)

The official Tools List

(€29 Value)

The Setup Planner (€19 Value)

The Setup Planner

(€19 Value)

Total Value: €186



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Now do you have any question?


 Do I need prior guitar repair experience before buying this ebook?

A: No! This book is designed to teach guitar players of ALL skill levels how to adjust, repair, and maintain their guitars for a lifetime. If you have some experience working with guitars, great! This Ebook will bring you to an expert-level understanding of the instrument.

What kind of tools do I need to work on my guitar?

A: The great news with guitar setups is that you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on tools to get started. When it comes to ESSENTIAL tools, all you really need are a couple of screwdrivers, a a small precision ruler, a radius gauge and a few hex keys.

What is the refund policy for the Book?

A: The Complete Guitar Setup Guide comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. If you’re not happy with the book content, simply message us within 30 days and we’ll send you a full refund – no questions asked.

What should I do if I haven't received the email with the download link or I can't download the ebook?

A: If you haven't received the email with the download link or are unable to download the ebook, please check your spam or junk folder. If you can't find the email there, contact us at [email protected] for further assistance. Additionally, you could try using a different device to download the ebook as mobile devices may have compatibility issues with certain file formats.

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